Five Stages

From ancient times, the basic colors Blue, Yellow, Red, White and Black have been used for rituals in Japan.
At Kaze no Tani no Iori, we welcome our guests with colors that represent the five elements of Japanese hospitality. Enjoy a relaxing time with Japanese colors that have been passed down over the ages.

Greetings with seasonal flowers

The inviting smile of flowers blossoming in the heart

Seasonal flowers are arranged in the alcove of each guest room.
Natural flowers blossoming beautifully bow their heads to greet the traveler.

Greetings with seasonal flowers

Five Virtues of Confucius: Benevolence, Justice, Courtesy, Wisdom, and Sincerity

An interlude for tranquility

Enjoy the fresh mountain air and a cup of green tea.
This is an interlude we have planned to bring you a truly tranquil stay.

Presenting the Five Senses

Healing through sound

CDs in a variety of themes are provided in your room for you to enjoy during your special stay.

Healing through aroma

Rooms are scented with traditional Japanese incense. Let the gentle aromas enhance your special anniversary.

Fine gourmet presented with outstanding skills

The Mikawa-Owari region is known for its gourmet. Enjoy ingredients from our bountiful oceans and blessed farmlands that have been prepared to bring out their flavors to the fullest.

Rich colors

Enjoy seasonal ingredients from the ocean and farmlands prepared with a colorful scheme.

Experience art

Encounter artwork cleverly placed along the paths, in the entranceways and guest room alcoves.

Expanse of time

Enhancing your trip with charming colors

Spend this special time in a slightly different way.
The aim of this trip is to enjoy being a woman.
Select your favorite yukata pattern, and try out our extravagant amenities.

Special performance for your anniversary

Today is a special day. If you’ve visited Kaze no Tani no Iori to enrich this day, we have a special present for you. We hope this will be a wonderful day for you.

Space to play with time

Relaxation with the galaxies

Mt. Tobone rises up 380 m above sea level.
This is the highest point around the Bay of Mikawa. Come gaze at the stars and moon, and think about worlds far away.
Spend some time romancing with the stars.

* Binoculars are available for you to use.