Sleep Therapist/ Sleeping Environment Planner
The World of Sleeping
brought to you by Miho Mihashi

Sleep Therapist, Miho Mihashi,
has coordinated our guest rooms,
each which is provided with airweave mattress
toppers and pillows.
Our staff trained by Miho will help you select
the best pillow for a comfortable sleep.

Miho Mihashi

Miho Mihashi is from Okazaki, Aichi.
After working as the head of R&D at a bedding maker, she started her own business. Her multi-faceted and practical advice on sleeping has gained popularity, and she is now actively working in various fields as a sleeping specialist.
Her specialty is pillows. She just needs to touch your head to tell you what type of pillow you need.
Miho is involved with many sleep-related projects. She has developed bedding goods, and produced the line of silk sleeping items [nelne].
Her many books include "Sleeping Therapy" (Long Sellers, Inc.), and she has produced the popular image training CD "A Good Sleep - Meditation" (Della, Inc.).

Our staff members are certified sleep therapists.
They have been trained by Miho, and will help select the best pillow for comfortable sleep.

Items for a comfortable sleep

Kaze no Tani no Iori has consulted with sleep therapist Miho Mihashi to prepare a variety of amenities for comfortable sleep that are sure to help you sleep well and wake up relaxed.
All guest rooms have airweave mattress toppers, which are favored by many athletes. Our staff will help you select a pillow that is just right for your sleeping posture. Gauze pajamas are available for you to wear at night. Other amenities for comfortable sleep include relaxing sakura-colored lighting, a planetarium that creates a sky full of stars on the ceiling, healing CDs to relax your mind and soul before retiring to bed. Enjoy a wonderful getaway with Kaze no Tani no Iori’s omotenashi.