Private Jacuzzi and Stone Sauna
"Fuku-Fuku" and "Sara-Sara"


From ancient times, people have lied down on warm stones to heal a variety of illnesses. Undulating waves bring out the true healing powers a human has.
Yakuhougyokuseki is a natural healing stone with a long history as a power stone. It contains high levels of minerals and discharges far infrared waves, and is said to promote the body’s metabolic functions, supply oxygen through the body, and increase the interferon effect we are born with.
Just lie down on the Yakuhougyokuseki stone bed. Soon you will start sweating from your core. Toxins will be discharged with this sweat, promoting both beauty and health.


Stone Sauna + Jacuzzi 90 minutes  Regular rates ¥6,000

  • Up to two people can use the facility at once.
  • Rates include special yukata, sheet towel, bath towel and face towel, all for use only at the Sauna area, as well as a bottle of mineral water.

Please do not use this facility in the following condition:

  • Immediately after vigorous exercise, on an empty or full stomach, after consuming alcohol
  • Entry wearing clothing other than those provided, when pregnant or menstruating
  • if you have contraindications, heart disease or high blood pressure
  • Lounge "Kaze-Kaze"
  • Resting Area "Kira-Kira"
  • Private Jacuzzi and Stone Sauna