Cuisine and anti-aging
presented by
food coordinator Kawori Goto

Our special gourmet menu focuses
on anti-aging and health,
and is extremely popular with women.

Kawori Goto

President, food office Tablier, co., ltd.
Services include food coordinator, nutritionist, vegetable sommelier, consulting and menu planning for restaurants, and development of products for foodstuff makers.

Sample of BIMIKAISHIN Menu

Aperitif - Gamagori Mikan Wine spritzer
Pre-appetizer - Asparagus tofu with refined vinegar and miso sauce, asparagus, prawns
Appetizer - Sea bream wrapped in egg, fatsia sprouts wrapped in salmon, bamboo shoot sushi, snap peas, wrapped urui yuba with sesame cream sauce, wild rocambole
Sashimi - Japanese lobster, sea bream wrapped with avocado served with black vinegar gelee, tuna, greater amberjack
Steamed dish - Domyo-ji style steamed conger with bamboo shoot sauce
Fried dish - Tempura (Japanese tiger prawn wrapped with shiso leaf, mehikari wrapped with wild sesame leaf, ostrich fern, red clam, squash wrapped with seaweed)
Vinegar dish - Cockle and shallots with vinegared-egg, served in kiwi fruit pot
Side dish - Japanese lobster in shell
Boiled dish - Shabu shabu of Mikawa beef
Rice - Rice with Mikawa Bay clams
Soup - Dumplings of minced deep sea smelt served in Hatcho miso
Jelly dessert - Lemon jelly with blueberry sauce


Select from two types of morning juice made of fruit for beauty and health.

Features of anti-aging menu

Blessings of the land, flavors of the land

Fresh fish caught in the vast ocean in front of Gamagori, and vegetables. These ingredients will work to revitalize your cells.
Mikawa is known for its advanced brewing techniques. Seasonings made with unique methods and flavors give power to the ingredients.

Assorted Cooking Methods

We prepare food so the ingredients’ nutritional value is effectively combined.
Deliciousness is linked to health and beauty. Each mouthful of our exquisite dishes will heal your body.

Enjoying the power of foodstuff through color

The natural colors of vegetables, fruit and ingredients are part of the phytochemical found in vegetables.
We hope you will enjoy the colors in our healthy dishes.

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